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Kottabos, the Ancient Greek drinking game

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Kottabos was a game of skill played at Ancient Greek symposia (drinking parties), especially in the 6th and 5th centuries BC. It involved flinging wine-lees (sediment) at a target in the middle of the room. The winner would receive a prize (κοττάβιον or “kottabion”), comprising cakes, sweetmeats, or kisses..

Dexterity was required to succeed in the game, and unusual ability was rated as highly as corresponding excellence in throwing the javelin. Like all games in which the element of chance found a place, it was regarded as more or less ominous of the future success of the players, especially in matters of love – and the excitement was sometimes further augmented by some object of value being staked on the event.

You can reenact the Ancient Greek game of Kottabos daily at the interactive mystery game “Who killed Callimachos?”, one of the best things to do in Athens.

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