Athens Living Museum 10 best things in Athens

Ancient Greek wedding procession

Ancient Greek traditions and customs

Marriage traditions in ancient Greece differed depending on the city-state, and majority of the sources, both literary and material, are about the upper classes. In upper-class families, marriage was seen as a way for the bride’s father to increase the wealth and social standing of the family, and love was rarely a factor. Women would usually get married in their early teens – though this was not the case in Sparta – and men would get married around their mid to late twenties. In Athens, where the majority of the written sources comes from, this was partly because they were expected to complete compulsory military service beforehand. Throughout the ancient Greek world, a fundamental element of the pre-marital arrangements was the dowry, in the form of money, land or anything else of value, arranged by the father of the bride to be given to the groom as part of the marriage agreement.

Athens living Museum is among the 10 best things in Athens because it offers a look at customs, traditions and daily activities from antiquity to modern times.

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